2020 registration

Registration is open for the following age groups only:

 Mixed comp (boys & girls): U9

Boys only comp: U13


How to register for the 2020 season:

Please see/complete step 1 BEFORE you register.

1.  Check your NRL account access OR create an NRL account  *click here
2.  *Click here to complete registration
3.  Select member type (Player or coach/trainer/volunteer)
4.  Type Ormeau into the location search bar.
5.  Click on the Ormeau Shearers logo
6.  Select 'Register'.
7.  Login with your NRL Account. Any existing registration profiles from previous seasons, which used the same email as your NRL Account, will automatically link for your convenience. 
8.  Select the participant you wish to register or add a new participant.
9.  Complete the registration form. 

**Do NOT select any payment options, during the registration process!

You will receive an email, with the clubs bank details for direct deposit,

once you have registered.

If you need additional help with registering for the 2020 season or if you require clearance from a previous rugby league club, please contact our registrar, Tahnee:

Before registering with Ormeau Shearers, please take the time to read the below:

Ormeau Shearers is a family friendly club run solely by volunteers. 

As such, we encourage every family to get involved in the club and show an interest in their child's chosen sport. 

There are various shared roles within the club such as canteen, duty official, timekeeping, media, team manager, coach, leaguesafe/water runner, first aid officer, registrar, fundraising coordinator, merchandise officer as well as our Executive positions and the club needs your support to fill these roles. Several of  the above mentioned roles require as little as one hour of your time on a game day and you will not miss your child's game!


We welcome new members, new ideas and your enthusiasm and drive.

If you are keen to participate in your child's sport then we are the club for you! 

Many hands make light work after all! 

2020 Registration Fee info:


2020 Fees

U6 - U7:  $180

U8-U12:  $260

BOYS U13-U18:  $280

Open Women: $280

U20s & Open Men: $100 (due to subsidy from RLGC)


Fees are due to be paid in full prior to 17th July 2020

Due to COVID-19 the season will run for a shorter

than usual duration - Seniors = 10 rounds plus finals

Juniors - 9 rounds plus comp team finals

Juniors U6 - U12s will also have a Sunday gala

day round.


 Fees are non-refundable 
Once registration has been accepted the club must pay your registration expenses  i.e. player insurance, local league player levy, membership, etc.  Once these expenses have been paid we no longer have fees to refund.
Club policies are available, for viewing, on the 'General Information' page of this website.


2020 Registration Fees includes but is not limited to:
•Registration costs - District Registration & Associated Affiliation fees 
•Compulsory basic player insurance (as per NRL requirement) 

•GCCC Field Right of Use Levy
•Referee Fees

•First Aid Levy
•Training and Education Costs

•Skills Development
•Game Day Operation costs
•Presentation Day participation

Annual Club Membership for one Parent/Guardian per family

Playing shorts

Playing socks

(seniors also receive a polo and training shirt with thanks to their

generous sponsors)

Please be advised: Ormeau JRL do not allow junior players to play up, on a permanent basis, in an older age grade without first assessing the player to ensure they are physically and emotionally capable of playing up a year level for the season.  

While we understand that it is often easier for parents to have siblings in the same team, rugby league is a contact sport and we take the duty of care of our players very seriously.  Therefore, players must be assessed by the Coach and Coaching Director and approved by the Club Executive before this will be allowed. 

Please be mindful of the fact that our Club Executives often have more than one child playing at the club also so we do understand the difficulties parents with more than one child playing may face. We do not make this decision lightly and will only do so with the best interest of the child at heart. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

For information pertaining to

FairPlay Vouchers, please click on the link provided:


            FairPlay Information and Eligibility

FairPlay Vouchers can be applied to the 

balance of fees owing

Please ensure the player is registered before submitting your voucher to Sharon.

Vouchers MUST be signed by the parent.

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